CMS DMS - Custom Content and Data Management Services

Sky Blue Data have a wide range of in-house technologies and platforms all set to create specialist Content and Data Management Systems, (CMS-DMS). We've already invented all the wheels we need to put together commercial-grade custom CMS/DMS for you at a fraction of the time and cost of a conventional in-house or third-party development.


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  • Fully Customisable Content Editing
    Our advanced content editing goes far beyond the already impressive CKEditor WYSIWYG editor.  Fully integrated with our own customisable server browsing, automated style and template loading and completely configurable harness, your options in terms of functionality are radically extended by our cascading content, recursively embedded content and full php scripting options.
  • Highly Flexible Layout Management
    Sky Blue Data's layout management technology is quite simply the most sophisticated available for any platform.  Because, as data experts, we have ensured that all layouts are held in the most flexible possible database structures, not only can you embed any layout in any other with an unlimited numbers of levels of recursion, but you can also have multiple variants of any layout.  Furthermore each variant can be unique to the site or offered across all your sites, and variant selections themselves can be set site-wide or cascaded across sections of the site or specific to individual pages, and they can be media specific to allow iPhone/Android/other devices to have just as much custom layout and functionality as they require.  All of this using 100% standard php code for all internal logic with complete protection against server damage from layout miscoding or abuse.
  • Endless Extensibility
    If there's still anything missing from our current set of tools to create the perfect system to match your requirements, do not worry.  Our job is to continually create new and improved tools to match new requirements, so whatever-you-want-is-what-you-will-get!
  • Multiple Data Definition/Management Tools
    There's no limit to the number of complexity of extra data that can be defined for your system, directly through the in-build dataset definition system.   This will automatically create data maintenance dialogues for you, site-wide, per page, or per page type.  Data is then automatically cascaded across all pages that require it and available for addition to any page via the powerful layout management system.  But that's just one small part of our data handling capabilities.  Whether it's tree-based walkthroughs, complex data grids or relationship spanning, uploading/downloading, screen scraping, Ajax, xml parsing, image generation or third-party integration we already have the technology ready to immediately deploy for your custom site, service, or system. 
  • Comprehensive Fine Granularity Access Control
    Access to every content and administration management system can be tightly controlled right down to individual fields, pages and options.   Advanced user options include the ability to walk-through the system as another user, selecting the user's individual access profile by just ticking the options/fields/features that they are allowed to use.   Built-in logging ensures a full audit trail can be maintained wherever required.   Together these mean that we can put together highly productive, secure workflows for users in and outsider your organisation, with full security and accountability.
  • Unrestricted Licensing/Copyright
    Our application software is entirely our own creation.  With the exception of a handful of third-party Javascript tools, which can be easily sub-licensed or worked-around, we own the copyright throughout.   That means we can offer you the opportunity to have your own Content or Data Management System unencumbered by either commercial or open-source licensing restrictions.  You can not only get exactly what you want, but it can be truly yours!